Oregon Tech

SVU Signature School

​Below is an interview with Christopher Caster M.ED., RVT the Vascular Technology Program Director at Oregon Tech sharing how they became a Signature School and the benefits that it provides their students.

How did you​ arrange for your school to become a Signature School?
The Oregon Tech Vascular Program regards SVU membership for our students valuable enough and affordable enough to include as a routine part of student fees.

How does SVU help supplement your lesson plans?
Students must compose their own case studies and complete an exhaustive "Discussion" section. There are multiple citations from the JVU when our students conduct their own case studies. We also require research topic papers in our lectures and students often quote JVU articles as citations. We have not utilized UConnect well enough but with the new Student Community we plan to this year.

What value do your students receive from SVU?
Our students are able to attend the West Coast SVU Chapter conferences and on occasion when fairly close to Southern Oregon, the SVU Annual Conference as well. Also, the JVU is cited regularly for a lot of there class work.

Why should schools become a Signature School?
Recognizing the value of the Society of Vascular Ultrasound for the visibility of the Vascular field needs to start early in any student's career pursuit. Especially in times of healthcare reform, our voice must be heard and it's heard best on Capitol Hill through SVU.

Christopher Caster and his students at Oregon Tech.