Minimum Entrance Level

Standards for Assurance of Minimum Entry Level Competence for the Diagnostic Ultrasound Professional

This standard is the result of a 14-month collaborative effort between the Society of Diagnostic Medical Sonography (SDMS) and SVU. During the drafting of this document, multiple persons were involved in the evolution of these standards including legal council, educators, clinical sonographers of all specialties, and vascular technologists. The purpose of the document is to establish the minimum entry-level educational and clinical standards to enter the field of diagnostic ultrasound for all subspecialties. This document will be used in tandem with the Scope of Practice for the Diagnostic Ultrasound Professional to reinforce the parameters of our profession with educational institutions, establishments of clinical practice, and legislative and regulatory agencies. It is anticipated this document will be periodically revised as our profession continues to change. The endorsement from other ultrasound organizations will be sought, as was done with the Scope of Practice.

We wish to acknowledge the presidents of the ultrasound professional associations under whose terms of office and leadership direction this document was created: Pat Marques, RN, RVT (Society for Vascular Ultrasound) and Stephen M. McLaughlin, BS, RT, RDMS (Society of Diagnostic Medical Sonography). Special thanks go to Bill Sarraille, JD; Anne Jones, RN, RVT, RDMS; Margaret Nix, RN, BSN, RVT; Frank West, BSN, RVT, CVN; Jeanette Burlbaw, BS, RDMS; Cara Case, RT, RDMS, RDCS; Beth Anderhub, MEd, RDMS; the SDMS Board of Directors; and the SVU Board of Directors.

Laurinda S. Andrist, BS, RDMS, RDCS
William B. Schroedter, BS, RVT, FSVU

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