Available Speakers

Alphabetical by last name

   George L. Berdejo, BA RVT FSVU
Bronx, NY

Topics: Cerebrovascular Disease Testing; Endovascular Procedures (especially AAA); Venous Testing (upper and lower and reflux testing); Arterial Mapping; Other Arterial Testing and Imaging; Mentoring

tel.: 646-409-2636

  Kathleen A. Carter, BSN RN RVT FSVU
Virginia Beach, VA

Topics: Carotid Duplex Interpretation; Aorto-Iliac Disease and Testing; Renal Artery Duplex; Lower Extremity Disease and Testing; Vascular Career Growth

tel.: 757-427-0058

  Terrence D. Case, MEd RVT FSVU
Ft. Lauderdale, FL

Topics: Vascular Education Programs (set up programs and curriculum); Professionalism; Vascular Ultrasound Physics

tel.: 954-651-4116

  Joseph P. Hughes, RVT RVS FSVU
Center Valley, PA

Topics: Transcranial Doppler; Cerebrovascular Disease & Testing; Cerebrovascular Diagnostic Criteria; Lower Extremity Disease & Testing; Aorto-Iliac Disease & Testing; Extremity Arterial Duplex Evaluation; Dialysis Access Evaluation; Quality Assurance in Diagnostic Imaging; Vascular Educational Programs and Mentoring
tel.: 215-534-1087

  Ann Marie Kupinski, PhD RVT FSVU
Altamont, NY

Topics: Arterial and Venous Physiology; Venous Testing; Bypass Graft Follow-up; Carotids and Hemodialysis Grafts
tel.: 518-526-3101

  Monte A. Madsen, RDMS RVT
Spokane, WA

Topics: Varicose Vein Diagnosis and Treatment; Carotid Duplex; Renal Vascular; Abdominal Doppler and Vascular Lab Utilization
tel. 509-953-2540

  LeAnn Maupin, MEd RTR RVT FASA
Klamath Falls, OR

Topics: Vascular Educational Programs; Student Engagement    

tel.: 541-885-1958

  Carol Miranda, RVT RDMS RDCS FSVU
Richmond, VA

Topics: Duplex Evaluation of Hemodialysis Access; Duplex Evaluation of Renal Artery Stenosis; Duplex Evaluation of Peripheral Artery Occlusive Disease

tel: 804-288-3123

  Susan L. Murphey, BS RDMS RDCS CECD
Shoreline, WA

Topics: Practical Ergonomics for Vascular Technologists/Sonographers; Developing an Injury Avoidance Policy for IAC Standard Requirements; CME Programs for IAC WRMSD Standard Requirements; Building a Business Case for Ergonomics; Lean Healthcare & Ergonomics; Aging Workforce
tel: 206-365-5253

  Courtney R. Nelms, BS RVT RDMS FSVU
Virginia Beach, VA

Topics: Carotid Duplex; Aortic Endograft Duplex; Renal Artery Duplex; Aorto-Iliac Duplex; Arterial Graft Duplex; Temporal Artery Duplex;LE Venous Duplex
tel: 757-470-5570

  Marsha M. Neumyer, BS RVT FSVU FAIUM
Harrisburg, PA

Topics: Vascular Ultrasound Evaluations
tel.: 717-564-5907

  Mark Oliver, MD FSVU
Morristown, NJ

Topic: Lower Extremity DVT Evaluation; Rx    


  Kathleen R. Palmieri, RVT FSVU
Skaneateles, NY

Topics: History and Physical Exam in the Vascular Lab; Organizing Data Efficiently; Vascular Lab Accreditation; Cross Training in the Vascular Lab; Tips on Interpreting Noninvasive Vascular Studies; Arterial Program; Carotid Program; QA in the Vascular Lab.  


  Patricia A. (Tish) Poe, BA RDCS RVT FSVU
Cincinnati, OH

Topics: Visceral Vascular Testing: Renal and Mesenteric; Aorto-Iliac; Peripheral Arterial Testing; Cerebrovascular Diagnostic Criteria; Dialysis Access Evaluation; Venous Testing; Introduction to the Vascular Laboratory; Interpretation of Vascular Laboratory Exams; Vascular Lab Accreditation    

tel: 513-558-4081

  Richard Rae, II, RT(R) RDMS RVT
Indianapolis, IN

Topics: Cerebrovascular anatomy, disease and duplex imaging; peripheral arterial disease, anatomy, duplex imaging and physiologic testing; venous duplex scanning; vascular lab computerization and database development; vascular anomalies; Quality Assurance in the vascular lab    

tel.: 317-893-1900

  Robert Scissons, RVT FSVU
Toledo, OH

Topics: Carotid; Extremity Arterial Duplex Evaluation; Arterial Physiological; Arterial Bypass Graft; DVT; Vein Mapping; Chronic Venous Insufficiency; Raynauds Disease; Dialysis Access Evaluation; Vascular Lab Management; Lab Accreditation
tel.: 419-291-2088

Raleigh, NC

Topics: Abdominal Doppler; Aorto-Illiac Disease & Testing; Carotids Cerebrovascular Diagnostic Criteria; Cerebrovascular Disease & Testing; Chronic Venous Insufficiency; Arterial Duplex Evaluation; Renal Artery Duplex; Venous Testing DVTs; Interesting Case Studies
tel.: 919-784-3453

  Patrick Washko, BSRT RDMS RVT FSVU
Raleigh, NC

Topics: Aorto-Illiac Disease & Testing; Carotids Cerebrovascular Disease & Testing; Extremity Arterial Duplex Evaluation; Renal Artery Duplex; Venous Testing DVTs; Interesting Case Studies
tel.: 919-784-6578

  William A. Zang, RVT RDMS FSVU
Wauwatosa, WI

Topics: CTD; Venous Testing; TCD; Arterial; Abdominal Doppler
tel. 414-721-3029

  R. Eugene Zierler, MD
Seattle, WA

Topics: Vascular Lab Accreditation; Technologist Credentialing; Ultrasound Physics; Hemodynamics; Extracranial Carotid Artery Disease; Visceral Vascular Testing
tel. 206-598-9851