SVU Awards

SVU Awards

Service Awards

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Leadership Award

(formerly Cynthia Burnham Award) The most prestigious service award offered by SVU, it is presented to Society members who have made outstanding contributions.

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Distinguished Service Award

Established in 1987, this award recognizes meritorious service to SVU by any member.

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Honorary Membership

Honorary Membership is bestowed upon individuals who have given outstanding support and/or service to SVU. Current or prior SVU membership is not a prerequisite. Honorary members shall not be required to pay annual membership dues, may vote if they have completed the necessary requirements and received the credential of Registered Vascular Technologist (RVT), but may not hold elected office within SVU.

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Certificate of Appreciation

Certificate of Appreciation is bestowed upon individuals or groups in recognition of creative endeavor or outstanding achievement in promoting noninvasive vascular technology.

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Scientific Awards

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Professional Achievement Award

Established in 2006, this scientific award is to be awarded to a past or current member who has made substantial contributions to the vascular technology profession through education (traditional or non-traditional) or scientific research (contributor, implementation or new modality). Nominees are solicited from the membership; these are reviewed by the Award Committee and presented to the Board of Directors. A 2/3-majority vote is required for approval.

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Pioneer Award

Recognizes an individual's outstanding pioneering scientific contributions to the noninvasive vascular diagnostics profession.

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