Why did you choose Vascular?

I Chose Vascular Because.....

We want to hear from you about why you chose Vascular as a career!

To celebrate the Vascular Ultrasound profession we want you to tell us reasons why you decided to pursue a career in vascular. Every member who follows the steps below will receive a free SVU Prize Package which may include a window cling, SVU badge holder, pen, luggage wrap and more!

Steps on how to participate in the "I Chose Vascular Because" Campaign

1. Print out the sign

Print out the color SVU sign.

Print out the black and white SVU sign.


2. Write on the sign why you chose vascular as a career and take a photo

Write in large print why you chose vascular as a career. Some ideas could include:

  • I am passionate about vascular ultrasound
  • I wanted a job that impacts lives
  • It's less me and more we
  • Human anatomy is amazing!
  • My dad suffered from an AAA

Once your sign is complete, take a photo and make sure to include yourself in the pictures. Feel free to have your co-workers join you. We are looking for creative and fun photos. Take it at work, at home, at a park or anywhere fun! Let’s make it unforgettable.


3. Share your photo

Share your photo on social media either by posting it to our Facebook wall or by tagging our social media accounts in the post. Also, use our hashtag #IChoseVascular. Once you have shared your photo we will share it as well and send you your free SVU prize package!

  • Tweet us your photo by using @svuinfo in your tweet and using the hashtag #IChoseVascular
  • Instagram us your photo by tagging @svuinfo in your photo and using the hashtag #IChoseVascular
  • Post your photo to our Facebook wall and use the hashtag #IChoseVascular