Online Simulation Modules

Learning about a procedure is only the first step, learning how to perform a procedure is TRANSFORMATIVE


Hear from SIMTICS founder, Prof. John Windsor and discover what this product is all about.




  3D Anatomy



Learn, experience and test your ability to perform procedures.

Rotate and zoom in on
3D anatomical models and 2D images.

Detailed text includes guidelines for performing the procedure, key terms
and additional external references.

Watch a demonstration of the procedure in a step-by-step demonstration with a clear narration.

  • Video demonstration of the procedure, performed by an expert

  • Quizzes to test theoretical knowledge

  • Personal logbook to track learning history, scores completion times and errors made.

  • 24/7 web-based simulation environment

  • Up to 15 SVU CME credits available



  • Ultrasound Assessment of the Carotid, Subclavian, & Vertebral Arteries 

  • Ultrasound Assessment of the Lower Limb Arteries

  • Ultrasound Assessment of the Lower Limb Veins

  • Ultrasound Assessment of the Abdominal Vasculature

  • Vessel Mapping


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