SVU Professional Performance Guidelines


The SVU Vascular Technology Professional Performance Guidelines represent the minimal essential elements of performance as recommended by SVU.  The Guidelines are reviewed every three years by the Professional Performance Guidelines Review Committee, with proposed changes sent out to the SVU Membership for comment before final adoption.

The Guidelines are an adjunct to SVU's Scope of Practice for the Diagnostic Ultrasound Professional© and the Clinical Practice Standards for the Diagnostic Ultrasound Professional©.   The Guidelines are not designed to replace internally generated, laboratory specific protocols, but to serve as a basis for developing or updating the procedure(s) at your vascular laboratory.

 If you have a comment on a specific guideline, please respond to SVU at

The Guidelines are also available through the iSVU Mobile Guidelines App. Learn more today!

SVU Professional Performance Guidelines (PPGs)

The Professional Performance Guidelines Review Committee is in the process of finalizing updates for all PPGs. Nine were complete as of January 2018.  The remaining updates are expected to be completed in Spring 2018.



Peripheral Arterial

Peripheral Venous



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